Top talent is integral to our success. As part of the Westwood Financial team, you’ll work alongside
innovative, respected colleagues who are some of retail real estate’s finest.


We encourage our team to pursue
clearly-defined goals to advance growth.


We build confidence among our colleagues and industry partners through openness and respect.


We know that unity at every step is key to maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and creativity.


We are committed to producing the best results for our tenants, neighbors and the environment.


Lease Administrator

Los Angeles, CA

Assists the Regional Leasing Director with all aspects of the their responsibilities including but not limited to administrative duties and facilitating all leases both new and renewals.

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Lease Analyst

Los Angeles, CA

The expert in lease contracts. Responsible for studying lease documents to make sure that they are accurate and in the best interest of the company.

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Real Estate Paralegal

Los Angeles, CA

Draft and track leases, lease amendments, assignments and other lease related documents from the initial document request to the full execution. Assist the Acquisition and Disposition team as needed, and provide support to other areas including, Corporate, Property Management and Compliance matters.

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Chief Financial Officer

Los Angeles, CA

Develops the financial well-being of the organization by providing financial projections and accounting services. Creates growth plans and directly oversees all accounting and reporting functions.

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