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Top talent is integral to our success. As part of the Westwood Financial team, you’ll work alongside
innovative, respected colleagues who are some of retail real estate’s finest.


We encourage our team to pursue
clearly-defined goals to advance growth.


We build confidence among our colleagues and industry partners through openness and respect.


We know that unity at every step is key to maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and creativity.


We are committed to producing the best results for our tenants, neighbors and the environment.


Director of Financial Planning and Analysis

Los Angeles, California

The Director of Financial Planning and Analysis will develop a robust financial planning and analysis function to facilitate improved budgeting and forecasting over the short- and long-term. This individual will lead the development of asset-level analytics and work in conjunction with corporate finance and accounting to further institutionalize analysis and reporting.

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Financial Investment Analyst

Los Angeles, CA

The Financial Investment Analyst is responsible for developing and preparing real estate investment modeling, cash flow analysis, short and long-term forecasts and identifying analytic data to support projected forecasts. You will work with key decision makers to vet each investment opportunity and critique key metrics within each investment forecast.

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Vice President of Leasing

Los Angeles, CA

Westwood Financial LLC, the owner and operator of approximately 120 community, neighborhood and specialty retail shopping centers in over 27 metropolitan areas across the United States, recently repositioned itself to prepare for significant growth and is seeking to hire a Vice President Director of Leasing. This individual will be based out of the firm’s Brentwood, California headquarters. The Leasing Director will be responsible for all day-to-day duties related to leasing the portfolio.

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